Rosetta Stone

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RCPS is very fortunate to have a close partnership with Rosetta Stone, a local company based in Harrisonburg. Rosetta Stone is the top-selling language learning product on the market. Teachers and students who want use Rosetta Stone to learn a new language may do so and should follow the directions below for making a request.

How to Get an Account


To properly use Rosetta Stone a USB type headset and microphone are required. RCPS recommends Cyber Acoustics AC-850 USB Stereo Headset or Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset. Both are around $30 but are not found at the this price locally. Check Amazon for best prices.

Rosetta Stone is a web-based product so Internet access with an up-to-date browser is needed for home use. Works well on both Mac and PC platforms.


With questions, please contact Bryan Daniels.