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English Resources
Grade Level Description Website
K Organize pictures into pink, orange, or green columns
K Red, blue, and yellow sorting of colors
K Green Eggs & Ham Word Families greeneggs.kid
K Word Families wordfamilies.kid
Word Families 2
K-1 The Very Hungry Caterpillar-drag pictures to what it ate each day caterpillar.kid
K-1 Sort pictures that end with the letter T
K-1 Rhyming words


K-1 Using the book, Green Eggs and Ham, create word families using this outline WordFamilies.kid
K-1 Drag pictures into a box that start with these consonants






K-1 Identify the letters that have lines, curves or both lines_and_curves.kid
K-1 Drag pictures that to the appropriate boxes that start with D or P. BeginningSounds.kid
K-1 Bb vs. Mm Drag pictures to correct box kindergarten_letters.kid
K-1 Uppercase and Lowercase letters sorting UpperLowerLetterSort.kid
K-1 Decide what pictures start with the letter B/b BearwithB.kid
1 Dr. Seuss Word Families. Read your favorite book and enter in words you find. DrSeuss.kid
1 Sort words by number words and color words Words.kid
1 Alphabetical order practice using spelling words alphabetical.kid
1 All about me using concept mapping all_about_me.kid
1 Long & Short vowels vowels.kid
1 Match the pictures with the rhyming sight words rhymingsitewords.kid
1 Decide if the words make a sentence or not Sentences.kid
1 Chicks and Ducklings Sort chick&
1 Fill in the missing vowel sound by using the pictures as clues
1-2 Blends of st, dr, sn, and tr blends.kid
1-2 Blends BR
1-2 Blends GR
1-2 Blends PR
1-2 Blends FR
1-2 Blends DR
1-2 Short vowels Practice



1-2 Write what each picture is with the correct spelling RevEval3.kid
1-2 Click on the wrong sentences and then choose the erase button Sentences.kid
1-2 Sort words in ABC order (Soft C and G) fernandospelling.kid
1-2 Sort words in ABC order (U and OO ) CAspelling.kid
2 Contractions contractions.kid
2 Letter to Santa LettertoSantaWeb.kid
2 Henry & Mudge Venn Diagram
2 How to Make Icecream Howtomakeicecream.kid
2 Which words are spelled correctly Spelling.kid
2 Add the correct punctuation ending
2 Suffixes ing and ed
2 The Wednesday Surprise book
2 Angel Child Dragon Child Book
2-3 All about me-Listen and finish the sentences
2-3 Fact vs. Fantasy
2-3 Describe a picture and then categorize the words as nouns, adjectives or verbs speech.kid
2-3 Contraction practice



2-3 Identifying cause and effect effect.kid
2-3 Identifying fact and opinion facts.kid
2-5 Nouns and verbs-drag pictures under the correct heading
2-5 Story Map with title, author, main characters, problem and solution
2-5 Create a sentence, find a picture, write the synonym & antonym of your vocabulary words VocabularyWord.kid
2-5 Graphic Organizer-Put your vocabulary words in a definition, part of speech, synonyms & antonym organizer.kid
2-5 Vocabulary-write the definition and then write the word in a sentence vocabreview.kid
2-5 Rhyming Pairs Match the pictures rhymingpairs.kid
2-5 Questions vs. Statements Drag sentences to correct box question16.kid
3 Stuart Little Book Diagram Little.kid
3 Alexander and the No Good Very Bad Day book comparing good and bad days alexanderandthebadday.kid
3 Adjectives, Nouns, Verbs drag the correct word to complete the sentence Adjectives.kid, Nouns.kid, Verbs.kid
3 Main Idea and Supporting Details outline Details.kid
3 Synonyms Match pictures and write in another word synonyms.kid
Synonyms 2
3 Spelling words- sort words spelled correctly and incorrectly RevEval1.kid
3 Main Idea



3 Combining 2 sentences into 1 sentence




3-5 Using more interesting words in your writing words.kid
3-5 Twas the Night Before Christmas Twas_the_Night_before_Christmas__Flow_Map.kid
3-5 Compare yourself to a character in a book blankcompare.kid
3-5 Describe a picture and then organize the words by nouns, adjectives, and verbs speech.kid
3-5 Idioms Idioms.kid
3-5 Story Map Title.kid
3-5 Using words from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, drag the words to their correct part of speech (nouns, verbs, or adjectives) Dahl.kid
3-5 Fall Similies-describe what is being compared fallsimiles.kid
3-5 Onomatopoeia poem Onomatopoeia.kid
3-5 Long & Short O Snowing_Os.kid
3-5 Compounds Compounds.kid
3-5 Write down Synonyms & Antonyms Synonyms.kid
3-5 Realisic or Fantasy Figures Figures.kid
3-5 Sequencing a Story Sequence.kid
3-5 Learn to use more decriptive interesting words with this practice Descriptive.kid
3-5 Digrams demonstrating how to write a Cinquain



3-5 Fill in Nouns Nouns.kid
3-5 Excellent Adverb Practice-drag adverbs under how, when, where categories, highlight adverbs in red, and then write 3 sentences with adverbs adverbs.kid
3-5 Plural Possessive Nouns



3-5 Roots tele & graph roots_tele_graph.kid
3-5 Articles a & an articles_a_an.kid
3-5 Story Map Map.kid
3-5 Friendly Letter Letter.kid
3-5 Single Possessive Nouns SingularPossessiveNouns.kid
3-5 Inference Practice





3-5 Synonyms & Antonyms vocabsynant.kid
3-5 Synonym Practice synonyms_5.kid
3-5 Antonym Practice


3-5 Conjuctions





3-5 Write a verb (noun, adjective) for every letter of the alphabet Verbs.kid
4-8 Animal Report-ideas of what to include in report Animals.kid
5-12 Autobiography with pictures and writing AutobiographyTimeline.kid


Math Resources
Grade Level Description Website
K Identify pennies, nickes, dimes, and quarters Coin_Identification.kid
Coin Practice
K What time of day is it? Drag the pictures describing the morning, afternoon and evening to the correct boxes it.kid
K Numbers & Sets Numbers and Sets.kid
K Number Recognition missspider.kid
K Patterns Complete the Patterns
K Making 3, 4, and 5 cents pre-k_money.kid
K Counting apples counting.kid
K-1 Counting Pennies Counting with nickels and pennies cents.kid
K-1 Shapes-Triangles or Rectangles
K-1 Sort shapes (squares, triangles, and circles) by shape or colors shapesort.kid
K-1 Comparing Circles and Squares
K-1 Count by dragging the correct number of insects to the boxes insect.kid
K-1 Colors-drag pictures from Kidspiration library or off the Internet to the correct color boxes


K-1 Shapes-drag pictures from Kidspiration library or off the Internet to the correct color boxes


K-1 Math Counting Practice 1-60 Kidspiration.kid
K-1 Sort Winter and Spring pictures spring.kid
K-1 Sort Winter and Summer objects by dragging the pictures to the correct circle wintersummersort.kid
1 Measurement with estimation and actual



1 Sort Pictures into Rectangles or Circles Category geometry.kid
1 Sort the sums (7-10) sumsort.kid
1-2 Put the correct change of coins in the piggy bank according to the amount your teachers says Piggybankgame.kid
1-2 Less than and greater than practice with numbers 1-10
1-2 Practice different ways to add to 10
1-2 Comparing Dimes & Quarters-drag the pictures that you could buy with a dime or a quarter to the correct box dimequarter.kid
1-2 How many pennies make a nickel, dime, and quarter-drag the pennies into the boxes Dime.kid
1-2 Making 13,15, & 19 cents money15-20.kid
1-2 Making 37, 43, & 85 cents money35-85.kid
1-2 Numbers and Number Words
2 Determine if the shapes make an odd or even number oddeven.kid
2 Name that number-7 ways to name the number in the middle numbercollection.kid
2 Identifying Geometric Shapes shapes.kid
2 Match fraction pictures to their names e.g. 1/4 fractions.kid
2-3 Weather Graph-answer questions using the graph on weather it.kid
2-3 Congruent Practice congruent.kid
2-3 Color the graph to match the fraction beside it pictures.kid
2-3 Figure out change for 15 cents for different items you buy change_15cents.kid
2-3 Figure out change for 50 cents for different items you buy change_50cents.kid
3 Making Change from $5. Lots of Practice Making_Change_L5A.kid
3 Create 3 different ways to make change for a dollar Change.kid
3 Making a dollar with 7 coins money.kid
3 Elasped Time clocks_gr3.kid
3 Multiplication Practice Matching Match.kid
3 Math Vocabulary Mathvocab.kid
3-5 Fraction Rods -create different fractions using different size rods fractionrods2.kid
3-5 Acute Angles Practice
3-5 Problem solving hints-match the math vocabulary to add, subtract, multiply, or divide Solving.kid
3-5 Greater than and less than practice. Drag the decimals to the appropriate box Than.kid
3-5 Equivalent Fractions-Connect two equivalent fractions using the link button and then add your own equivalent fraction Fractions1.kid
3-5 Comparing Improper and Proper Fractions-drag the fractions to the correct heading Fractions.kid
3-5 Quadrilaterals-what is and what isn't Quadrilaterals.kid
3-5 Identifying shapes with right angles Angles.kid
3-5 Math Vocabulary activity.kid
3-5 Symmetry Drag pictures to appropriate box sort.kid
3-5 Improper Fractions vs. Proper fractions-drag fractions to correct box Fractions.kid


Social Studies Resources
Grade Level Description Website
K-1 Needs vs. Wants Drag pictures to correct box picsort.kid
Wants vs Needs
K-1 Martin Luther King, Presidents, Independence, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day Holidays -Drag the pictures to the correct box kholidays.kid
K-1 Community Helpers-Dentist description Dentist.kid
K-1 Washington, Lincoln, Ross, and Pocahontas-drag pictures to the correct box FamousAmericans.kid
K-1 Firefighters-describe their job firefighter.kid
1 Famous Americans-Drag the pictures to the Washington, Lincoln, Ross, or Pocahontas box FamousAmericans.kid
1 Arch or Beam Bridge Bridges.kid
1 Find pictures of animals for the 7 continents it.kid
1 American Symbols-match the symbols to the correct words symbols.kid
Symbols of US
2 Natural Human & Capital Resources resources.kid
2 Constructing Maps Use the roads and buildings to construct your map MapActivity.kid
2 Greece Rome and Mali Venn Diagram-drag sentences and pictures to correct circle GreeceRomeMali.kid
2 China and Egypt-drag sentences and pictures to the appropriate country China.kid
2 How to make a US map HowtomakeamapoftheUS.kid
2 Compare the first Thanksgiving to today's Thanksgiving using a venn diagram. Kidspiration Templates/Thanksgiving.kid
2 Venn Diagram comparing Eastern Woodlands and Plains Native Americans easternwoodlandplains.kid
2 Venn Diagram comparing Eastern Woodlands and South West Pueblo Native Americans VennEasternWoodPueblo.kid
3-5 Compare yourself to Lion King of Mali sundiata.kid
3-5 Holidays with Animated Sign Language People holidayswinter.kid
3-5 Continent Template for Research continent_template.kid
3-5 Revolutionary War-comparing the Continental army to the British army War.kid
3-5 5 regions of the USA-drag pictures to correct region regions.kid
3-5 Government-drag the words to the correct category (local, state, or national) Government.kid
3-5 State Reports
4-5 Civil War People-Click on the people pictures to go to a webpage to find facts. In your own words, type one fact on your kidspiration tempate beside each person. People.kid
4-5 USA States & Capitals-Click on the wrong capital and choose the erase button States.kid
4-5 Loyalists & Patriots-find pictures and describe the similarities and differences Loyalist-Patriot.kid
4-5 A flow chart to help you create your explorer speech to the King/Queen Chart.kid
4-5 Colonial Times Times.kid
4-5 Several Excellent Plains Indians Templates & websites


Science Resources
Grade Level Description Website
K Build a pumpkin buildapumpkin.kid
K Drag pictures under hot or cold headers Hot-Cold.kid
K Match the baby animals on the farms with their parents farmam.kid
K Write or describe the 5 Senses 5 Senses described with Pictures
K Hot vs. Cold-drag pictures to correct category Hot-Cold.kid
K Drag the Spring or Winter pictures to the correct boxes Seasonsa.kid
K-2 Weather Graph Interpret the bar graph weathergraph.kid
K-2 Weather Vocabulary Drag to the correct season weather_words.kid
K-2 Sort pictures by living or nonliving 2 Non-Living.kid
Living Non-Living 2.kid
Non-Living Living 3
Non-Living Living 4
Non-Living Living 5
K-2 Sort pictures by living or nonliving 3 Non-Living 3.kid
K-2 Animal Sound sort Animal_sound_sort.kid
K-2 Sort animals by ones with or without feathers Feather_sorting.kid
K-2 Sort plastic and non-plastic objects non_plastic.kid
K-2 Which animals hatch from eggs?
K-2 Life Cycle Practice (drag the pictures into the correct order) lifecycles.kid
K-2 Description of Animal Groups with pictures Groups.kid
K-2 Sink or Float-match the pictures to the correct heading Float.kid
Sink or Float
1-3 Sort animals by mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds


1-3 Seasons-drag words and pictures to correct season weather_words.kid
1-3 Sort solid figures by number of faces Sort.kid
1-3 Sort Clouds into 3 categories sort.kid
1-3 Animal Habitats-drag pictures of animals to the correct habitat Habitats.kid
1-3 Hibernate or Migrate-drag pictures to correct box template.kid
1-3 Butterfly Cycle Pictures butterfly.kid
2-3 Plant Products plantproducts.kid
2-3 Enter in facts about an ocean animal or plant Template.kid
2-3 Research Dinosaurs-use to find information about your dinosaur and put it into this web dinosaur.kid
2-3 Extinct Animals template.kid
2-3 Source of Energy template.kid
2-3 States of Matter StatesMatter.kid
Solid, Liquid Gas
States of Matter 2
States of Matter 3
2-3 Tornado causes and effects-drag pictures to correct place Tornadoes.kid
2-3 Marine animal web Webhunt.kid
2-3 Is it an insect-drag the pictures into the appropriate boxes insect.kid
2-3 Planets-place the planets under the headings inner and outer planets Planets.kid
2-3 States of Matter-sort objects into solid, liquid or gas MATTER.kid
2-3 Tame or Wild Animals? Drag pictures to the right box Animals.kid
Wild vs. Tame 2
2-3 Insect or not? Drag pictures to the appropriate box insectactivity.kid
2-3 Plant Cycle-drag pictures into the correct order plantcycle.kid
2-3 Solids, Liquids and Gases gases.kid
3 Water Cycle watercycle.kid
3 Vertebrates or not? Invertebrates.kid
3 Magnets-drag picture to what is attracted or not

Magnets 2
Magnets 3
Magnets 4

3 Landforms-match pictures to definitions Landforms.kid
3 Food Chain-drag pictures into the correct boxes



3 Simple Machines-write a description for each of the machines simplemachines.kid
3 Simple Machines-Use the link tool to link the simple machine description with the pictures SimpleMachines.kid
3 3 Classes of Levers Levers.kid
3 Wolves
3-5 Label the Plant Parts and Their Purpose
4 Liquid Measurement-pints, quarts, gallons, cups Gallon.kid
4-5 Vertebrates-sort pictures by category (amphibian, fish, bird, reptile, mammal) Vertebrates.kid
5 Plant Cell match up Words to picture of cell plantcell.kid
5 Light-Match the pictures to the SOL Vocabulary light.kid
5 Matter- mixture vs. solution Drag pictures to correct box mixturesolution.kid
5 Matter-atoms, elements, molecules, compounds matter.kid
5 Vascular vs. Non Vascular Sort vascular.kid
5 Drag pictures into the 5 different kingdoms categories 5kingdoms.kid

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