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Kindergarten English: Click on the SOL number for additional resources

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K.1 The student will demonstrate growth in the use of oral language.

  • Listen to a variety of literary forms, including stories and poems.
  • Participate in choral speaking and recite short poems, rhymes, songs, and stories with repeated patterns.
  • Participate in creative dramatics.
  • Begin to discriminate between spoken sentences, words, and syllables.
  • Recognize rhyming words.
  • Generate rhyming words in a rhyming pattern.

K.2 The student will use listening and speaking vocabularies.

  • Use number words.
  • Use words to describe/name people, places, and things.
  • Use words to describe location, size, color, and shape.
  • Use words to describe actions.
  • Ask about words not understood.
  • Follow one-step and two-step directions.
  • Begin to ask how and why questions.

K.3 The student will build oral communication skills.

  • Begin to follow implicit rules for conversation, including taking turns and staying on topic.
  • Express ideas and needs in complete sentences.
  • Begin to use voice level, phrasing, and intonation appropriate for language situation.
  • Listen and speak in informal conversations with peers and adults.
  • Begin to initiate conversations.
  • Participate in discussions about books and specific topics.

K.4 The student will hear, say, and manipulate phonemes (small units of sound) of spoken language.

  • Identify orally words that rhyme.
  • Identify words orally according to shared beginning or ending sounds.
  • Blend sounds orally to make words or syllables.
  • Divide one-syllable words into sounds (phonemes).
  • Divide words into syllables.

K.5 The student will understand how print is organized and read.

  • Hold print materials in the correct position.
  • Identify the front cover, back cover, and title page of a book.
  • Follow words from left to right and from top to bottom on a printed page.
  • Match voice with print: syllables, words, and phrases.

K.6 The student will demonstrate an understanding that print makes sense.

  • Explain that printed materials provide information.
  • Identify common signs and logos.
  • Read ten high-frequency words.
  • Read and explain own writing and drawings.

K.7 The student will develop an understanding of basic phonetic principles.

  • Identify and name the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
  • Match consonant and short vowel sounds to appropriate letters.
  • Identify beginning consonant sounds in single-syllable words.

K.8 The student will demonstrate comprehension of fiction and nonfiction.

  • Use pictures to make predictions about content.
  • Retell familiar stories, using beginning, middle, and end.
  • Discuss characters, setting, and events.
  • Use story language in discussions and retellings.
  • Identify what an author does and what an illustrator does.
  • Identify the topics of nonfiction selections.

K.9 The student will print the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet independently.
K.10 The student will print his/her first and last names.
K.11 The student will write to communicate ideas.

  • Draw pictures and/or use letters and phonetically spelled words to write about experiences, stories, people, objects, or events.
  • Write left to right and top to bottom.

K.12 The student will explore the uses of available technology for reading and writing.


K.1-K.12 Resources

SOL Review

1. Starfall Reading practice with oral instructions of what to do

2. Excellent Phonics, Consonant, & Vowel Practice Games and Tests A great resource for english Skils & SOLS

3. Online Books Listen, read, and watch animated books online

4. SOL Kindergarten grade webpage

5. Play Games to Learn Shapes, Color, Math, & Alphabet Excellent online games for SMARTBoard

6. Phonics and Word Study Games Kindergarten level

Interactive Activities


1. ABC Alphabet Interactive Websites

2. NASA-grab objects that begin with letter game

3. Ipad App Searchable Database (Find apps by subject and grade)

Study Guides/Research



SMARTBoard Activities

1. Morning Meeting Calendar, weather, and word wall SMARTBoard Notebook Lesson

2. AT and AN Appleworks-Word Sort

3. IG and IT Appleworks-Word Sort

4. Bingo Song Notebook

5. Home vs School Table to drag names of students of who stayed home and who is at school Notebook

6. Short Vowel Rhymes Lesson

7. Apple tree Notebook

8. Letter Sound Matching Notebook

9. Word Family Picture Sorts Smartboad Notebook (AT, AN, IG, IT, OP, OT, ET, ED, UB, UG)

10. Colors SMARTBoard Notebook Lesson-drag letters to form color words

11. Practice tracing Uppercase ABC letters SMARTBoard Notebook

12. Gingerbread Man SMARTBoard Notebook

13. The 3 Billy Goats Gruff Notebook lesson

14. Handwriting ABC practice

15. Handwriting practice staying in lines

16. The 3 Bears Notebook lesson

17. Jack and the Beanstalk Interactive SOL Lesson

18. Word Builder SMARTBoard Notebook

19. The Letter B Lesson

20. Short Vowel Matching lesson

21. Lowercase Letter Match SMART Response LE


1. ABC PowerPoint with links to UnitedStreaming movies

Kidspiration Templates

1. Write simple sentences (Picture Preview)

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Drag pictures to what it ate each day (Picture Preview)

3. Bb vs. Mm Drag pictures to the correct letter box (Picture Preview)

4. Beginning Sounds Match pictures to letters (Picture Preview)

5. Learn Alphabet through pictures Each letter has a Kidspiration file to download with pictures for that letter

United Streaming Movie Clip Titles  

Lesson Plans


1. Commonwealth of Knowledge SOL Lesson Plans
Assessments & Strategies  
Teacher Resources

1. PALS Lesson Plans & Activities Excellent resources for preparing for PALS Testing

2. Find SMARTBoard Notebook Ready Made Lessons Enter the subject, grade, and Virginia Standards. Excellent SMARTBoard resource

3. Manuscript Worksheets & Tutorials Excellent resource

4. Reading & Literacy Kindergarten grade PDF Worksheets Free reading activities organized by literacy skills

5. Vowel Pattern Cards Print out these free vowel pattern cards

6. Download Language Arts PDF Homework Worksheets Click on the link describing the skill that you want the students to work on.

7. Louisa County Pacing Guide with SOL Resources

8. Ipad App Searchable Database (Find apps by subject and grade)

9. Advanced Phonics CD songs Learn Phonics through songs

10. Create SOL Worksheets for K-2. This is a subscription.

11. School Sparks Printable Worksheets

12. Free Kindergarten Worksheets

13. Superb Suffolk Teaching Activities and Resources


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