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2.1 The student will demonstrate an understanding of oral language structure.
2.2 The student will continue to expand listening and speaking vocabularies.
2.3 The student will use oral communication skills.
2.4 The student will use phonetic strategies when reading and spelling.
2.5 The student will use meaning clues and language structure when reading.
2.6 The student will use language structure to expand vocabulary when reading.
2.7 The student will read fiction and nonfiction, using a variety of strategies independently
2.8 The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of fiction and nonfiction
2.9 The student will demonstrate comprehension of information in reference materials
2.10 The student will maintain manuscript and begin to make the transition to cursive
2.11 The student will write stories, letters, and simple explanations
2.12 The student will edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling


2.1-2.12 Resources

SOL Review

1. Starfall Reading practice with oral instructions of what to do

2. Synonym Matching Game Practice

3. Antonyms Matching Game Practice

4. SOL 2nd grade webpage

5. Excellent Language Arts Webpage Resources, games, and tests by skill

6. Root Word Quiz Choose your level from 3 levels

7. Prefixes Quiz Choose your level from 3 levels

8. Suffixes Quiz Choose your level from 3 levels

9. Online Books Listen, read, and watch animated books online

Interactive Activities



1. Educational Uses of Digital Story Telling Excellent resource

2. Ipad App Searchable Database (Find apps by subject and grade)

Study Guides/Research



SMARTboard Activities

1. Jack and the Beanstalk Interactive SOL Lesson

2. Reading Comprehension Notebook (Zipped-Use Firefox)

3. Friendly Letter SMARTboard Notebook (Zipped file-Use Firefox)

4. Homophones Notebook (Zipped file-Use Firefox)

5. Comparative or superlative adding -er or -est (Zipped file-Use Firefox)

6. Action Verbs (Zipped file-Use Firefox)

7. Several Shenandoah County SMARTboard Resources

8. SMART Exchange Notebook files

9. SMARTBoard files organized by SOL (Zipped-use Firefox)


1. Digital Story Telling PowerPoint Excellent ideas of how to create good digital stories

2. Digital Story Telling Powerpoint Resource Details on why to use this method and ideas of how

3. Double Vowel Jeopardy Review PowerPoint

4. SOL 2.4 R Controlled Vowel Pattern Instructional PowerPoint

5.Jeopardy Compound Words Review PowerPoint

6. Jeopardy Ending Blends Review PowerPoint

7. Jeopardy Homophones Review PowerPoint

8. Short Vowel Music Jeopardy Review PowerPoint

9. Jeopardy Base Words Review PowerPoint

10. Jeopardy beginning Consanants PowerPoint

11. Jeopardy Short Vowel Review PowerPoint

12. Jeopardy on Short Vowel-T Endings Review PowerPoint

13. Jeopardy on Short Vowel-G Endings Review PowerPoint

14. Goldilocks & The 3 Bears

15. Jeopardy Digraphs

16. Jeopardy Contractions Review PowerPoint


Kidspiration Templates

1. Sort Verbs and Nouns (Picture Preview)

2. Word sort (Ace vs. Ice) (Picture Preview)

3. Word sort (ow vs. ou) (Picture Preview)

Discovery Education Movie Clip Titles  

Lesson Plans


1. Commonwealth of Knowledge SOL Lesson Plans
Assessments & Strategies Evaluation Rubric for Digital Story Telling Ideas and rubric for evaluating
Teacher Resources

1. PALS Lesson Plans & Activities Excellent resources for preparing for PALS Testing

2. Find SMARTboard Notebook Ready Made Lessons Enter the subject, grade, and Virginia Standards. Excellent SMARTboard resource

3. Virginia SOL Bookstore Books Resources to buy

4. Reading & Literacy 2nd grade PDF Worksheets Free reading activities organized by literacy skills

5. Vowel Pattern Cards Print out these free vowel pattern cards

6. Download Language Arts PDF Homework Worksheets Click on the link describing the skill that you want the students to work on.

7. SOL 2 English Questions in Word

8. K-3 Book Lesson Plans, worksheets, and ideas Lots of reading book worksheets, crafts, lesson etc.

9. Download and print 30 free Leveled Books Leveled Books in English and Spanish with worksheets to evaluate comprehension

10. Advanced Phonics CD songs Learn Phonics through songs

11. Manuscript Worksheets & Tutorials Excellent resource

12. Cursive Worksheets & Tutorials Great resource

13. Download PALS Assessment Timed PowerPoint

14. Download PALS Level C Words Assessment Timed PowerPoint

15. Create SOL Worksheets for K-2. This is a subscription.

16. Buy SOL Assessments for grades K-3 all subjects

17. Superb Suffolk Teaching Activities and Resources

18. Virginia SOL Reading Technology Enhanced Practice Books

19. Louisa County Pacing Guide with SOL Resources

20. Ipad App Searchable Database (Find apps by subject and grade)

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