RCPS Calendar (including Middle and High School Odd/Even Schedule)

2013-2014 School Calendar [Printable version in xlsx format]

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  = No School for Students   = Even Day for High & Middle Schools
  = Early Release at 1:00 PM   = Odd Day for High & Middle Schools
  = Relates to Grading/Reporting   = Teacher Workday

Q: After a missed day due to inclement weather, what happens to the even/odd schedule?

A: Students always return to school on the type of day (even or odd) opposite the last attended day. Then, the calendar resumes as posted.
For example, if an even day were missed due to snow, the next day students return to school would become an even day despite its prior designation. After that day, the calendar is followed as posted. Depending on the number of days missed, the resulting situation may present two odd or two even days in succession. Note that if two days are missed, the schedule corrects itself normally. There may be exceptions to this practice for instructional purposes in which case students will be notified.


NOTES - 2013-14:
1. A total of 15 scheduled workdays are included. With prior approval of the Superintendent, faculties may decide to work on non-contracted days during the summer or school year and not work on a scheduled workday.
2. A workday/inservice day is defined as a seven-hour day.
3. All schools schedule a 6-hour instructional day excluding the lunch break.
4. Anticipated SOL Test Window May 12-June 2.
5. Teachers work only 2 of the 4 designated flex days. With Principal approval a teacher may use one earlier day, July 15th or later, as one of the August flex days.

Days 1 to 5 Banked Time
The School Board determines make-up days
183 calendar days : 180 max school days