Mathematics Department

Posted on august 16, 2012

The Mathematics Department assumes the responsibility to help each student acquire the skills, attitudes, understanding and knowledge of mathematics which will prepare him/her to live in the world of today and tomorrow. The department provides a variety of courses to encourage each student to develop to his/her highest potential according to individual mathematics abilities.

Department Members


The Mathematics Department is the largest in the school with fifteen full time teachers.  To contact members of the Mathematics Department, click on the mailbo, Ix icons following their names.

Laura Bowman - mailbox.gif Richard Miller - mailbox.gif
Greg Harris - mailbox.gif Christopher Noll, Instructional Leader- mailbox.gif
Demetra Heckman - mailbox.gif Tracy Pence - mailbox.gif
Michelle Kello - mailbox.gif Melissa Polson - mailbox.gif
Pam Lehman - mailbox.gif Judy Rees - mailbox.gif
Janet Marafino - mailbox.gif Kira Young - mailbox.gif




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