Agriculture Education

Posted on august 16, 2012

Agricultural education at TAHS is an integral part of the overall school program. The curriculum is based on the needs, interests, and capabilities of the individuals enrolled and the communities to be served.

Training for proficiency in life skills to include leadership development, agricultural machinery, agribusiness, and natural resources management is the major objective of agricultural education. Development of good citizenship skills as well as marketable occupational skills is stressed in all courses in the curriculum.

The first two years in the typical agricultural education curriculum are devoted to agriscience and mechanics. These first two years provide the individual with a broad background in agriculture. In the following years of the curriculum, the student may focus on interests by selecting the optional areas of agriculture machinery service or agribusiness.

The agriculture department also offers two courses designed for the student typically enrolled the agriculture curriculum. These two courses, Ecology and Natural Resources and Leadership Development, are one year courses designed to sharpen skills in the respective areas of ecology and leadership training.

Department Members


To contact members of the Agriculture Education Department, click on the mailbox icons following their names.

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