Timberville School


The first school in Timberville was a one-room log building near the river. The exact date of construction of this school is unknown but it preceded the development of the public school system. The first school that would become part of the Rockingham County school system was built in 1871 near the center of town on land donated by William Thompson. This school is indicated in the Timberville map in Lake's 1885 Atlas of Rockingham County. It was located just west of the cemetery and, after closing, was used as the town hall for many years. This building was a one-room frame structure The only known teacher at this early one-room school was H. A. Rife. By 1886, growth of the town required a larger school and on May 28, 1886, land was deeded from Abraham Garber and others for a new school. This building was located on what would later be known as "Schoolhouse Hill". A two-story, four-room frame building was constructed and opened in 1887. This became one of the early graded schools in northern Rockingham. On October 21, 1913, after a political meeting, the four-room building burned to the ground. News accounts indicated that the fire may have been deliberately set. At the Plains District school trustees meeting of May 12. 1914, a decision was made to replace the burned structure with a brick veneer, six-room building with an auditorium. The building would be of the same design as buildings constructed at Bridgewater (1911), Linville-Edom (1912) and Dayton (1914). Thuma and Dovel were the contractors and the building was built at a cost of $9865. Prior to 1920, Timberville became one of the four-year accredited high schools in Rockingham County. In 1923, a addition of four rooms and an auditorium was constructed to the back of the original building at a cost of $17,500. The contractor was the Broadway Hardwood Company. As the high school program expanded additional buildings were constructed at Timberville. In 1936, an agriculture building was built across the street from the school and used materials salvaged from the closed Garber's school west of Timberville. In 1939, the Wright house was purchased and moved and became the home economics cottage. In 1945 a lunchroom was added to the back of the 1923 addition at a cost of $6000.


In 1952, Timberville High School was consolidated into the new Broadway High School and the Timberville building became an elementary school. The school was used until 1972 when it was consolidated into the new Plains Elementary School in Timberville. Principals at Timberville are:


1871-72 W. A. Rife


Graded building on Schoolhouse Hill


1887-88 William P. Faucett

1888-91 (three sessions) D. J. Offman

1893-96 (three sessions) Daniel Hayes

1903-07 (four sessions) A. B. Miller

1909-10 W. H. Ritenour

1910-11 Alvin G. Irvin

1911-12 E. G. Crickenberger

1912-13 C. D. Layman

1913-15 (two sessions) E. M. Wampler

1915-16 R. P. Keezel

1916-18 (two sessions) D. I. Suter

1918-22 (four sessions) O. S. Miller

1922-24 (two sessions) Reuben L. Humbert

1924-25 Lowell V. Sharpes

1925-30 (five sessions) John W. Boitnott

1930-37 (seven sessions) Rudolph A. Glick

1937-49 (twelve sessions) Edwin E. Will

1949-51 Harry W. McCary

1951-52 W. Blaine Gibbs


High school closed and school becomes elementary school


1952-53 W. Blaine Gibbs

1953-59 (six sessions) Lawrence W. Bowers

1959-64 (five sessions) Ashby L. Shifflett, Jr.

1964-72 (eight sessions) Gar Miley


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