Spotswood High School


Spotswood High School was the first of three major high school building projects to take place during 1980s and 1990s. In 1973, the Rockingham County School Board authorized a study of school needs which included space and program needs on the east side of the county. Out of this report came the proposal for a new eastside high school to consolidate Montevideo and Elkton High schools. As in the late 1940s when a similar proposal was made, a number of controversial issues arose. Various proposals were offered and a committee was formed to make recommendations for the implementation of the eastside high school proposal. In 1976, the School Board voted to build a senior high school composed of grades 10-12. More controversies arose in regard to the location of the school and by 1978, these issues had been settled and the building was constructed, opening in the fall of 1980 as Spotswood Senior High School. James E. Upperman, who had been principal of Elkton High School, was the first Spotswood principal. The school was named for Alexander Spotswood and the blue and gray colors were chosen from the colors of Montevideo (maroon and gray) and Elkton (blue and gold).


In the fall of 1984 Spotswood became a 9-12 school and the name was changed to Spotswood High School. By the fall of 1995, Spotswood's enrollment had increased to 1100 students and the school grounds were dotted with ten mobile units. An addition and renovation project was authorized by the School Board and the Board of Supervisors at a cost of $4.5 million. The addition, which included 28 classrooms and an additional gymnasium was completed by the fall of 1997. Principals who have served at Spotwood are:


1980-84 (four sessions) James E. Upperman

1984-92 (eight sessions) Edward L. Smith

1992-94 (two sessions) Brownie Cummins

1994-98 (four sessions) Dr. Robert P. Grimesey

1998-present --James Slye


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