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First Grade Math Teaching Strategies

Essential Diet For Math in First Grade

• • Many of the first grade Math skills can be taught by using the Math Their Way model of "The Opening", found on page 4.1 of the Summary Newsletter.(Chapter Four) This daily practice is not included in the actual "Math Lesson" for each day, but is the time for review and building background for new concepts.

• • It is important to consistently use the EDL core vocabulary when teaching and reviewing Math concepts in order to prepare students for future SOL tests.

The Actual Math Lesson

5-7 Minutes- Develop an anticipation for what the lesson is to be about for the day. It should be related to background experiences of the child, be exciting and set the stage for the lesson.

This is also the time to relate previously learned information to what's about to be taught.

(a little review) Literature, games, songs etc. can be used to set the stage.

20-25 Minutes- Introduction of new material/mini lesson. Introduce new material, vocabulary, and other relevant information. Provide a model, a variety of ways to teach the concept. Children have various learning styles and need a variety of model to ensure teaching to each learning style. Provide lots of guided practice, (small group or whole class practice with discussion of answers and processes) to reinforce learning. Mastery of concepts must be accomplished prior to independent practice. If additional lessons need to be created or done at another time, based on observation of class' needs, skip to summarization. If mastery is accomplished, provide independent practice at this time.

10-15 Independent Practice-This is where paper, pencil, crayons etc. can allow students to demonstrate mastery.

5 Minutes-Summarization (class discussion, journaling, teacher summarization, etc.)

Homework- Follow RCPS Homework Policy-Make sure that any homework that is given for Math, is given for additional practice or review of a skill that has been mastered. Do not send any homework home with students that has not been mastered.