Accessing Your FirstClass® E-mail Account through the Internet

All RCPS users may access their FirstClass® mail by clicking the icon at left or by clicking here.

Note: if your e-mail account is new, you'll have to give yourself a password. When you do, it needs to be a minimum of 5 characters.

This method is an easy way to access the RCPS FirstClass® e-mail system when you're using the Internet but don't have the standard FirstClass® client installed on your computer. Just click on the link above. At the prompt, enter your username and password.

Warning: This web interface isn't as friendly as the standard FirstClass® client used at school, but it is still useful especially if you just want to read your mail. You can perform all the functions of the normal FirstClass® mail from here but they're a little more difficult to use.

Consider Installing the First Class® Program at Home! It's Free!

If you'd prefer at home to use the standard FirstClass® client instead of this web interface, click the link below for the directions on how to obtain and configure it. It's a free and safe download.

How to Install FC Client® at Home