“How-to” Writing WebQuest




The Task

The Process





Explaining to someone how to do something is an important skill for everyone to possess. One day you may teach a child how to tie his shoe, a friend how to get to your house, a brother how to tie a tie, or a sister how to make your world-famous macaroni and cheese. The list could go on and on.

At the end of this project you will have the opportunity to teach your classmates how to do something.


The Task:

Your task has six main parts. First, you will look at and critique several websites. Secondly, you will follow the directions on one site to construct a paper airplane. Next, you will choose your own how-to to teach the class. You will write detailed instructions for your how-to. You will also develop a visual aid to assist you in your final task, an in-class presentation of your how-to!


The Process:

1.     Click on the links below. Look at each one carefully. Choose the one that appeals to you the most. (Maybe it is the easiest to follow, or it may have the best graphics. The reason it appeals to you is not important. It is just important for you to narrow your choice to one site.)

2.   Use the directions given on your website to construct a paper airplane.

3.   Complete a critique sheet on your website. Put your name on it and turn it in, along with your paper airplane, to your teacher.

4.   Get the “How-To” directions and rubric from your teacher. Write a draft of your paper and show it to your teacher. Revise and edit your work with a friend, then write a final draft. This will be turned in at the end of the process.

5.   Design a visual aid to assist you in your presentation. You may design a poster, a PowerPoint presentation, a photo display, or any other visual aid you would like. Remember to make it easy to read and understand. Use techniques you found useful in the websites you studied, and be creative!

6.   Make an appointment to share your presentation with the class on May 22, 24, or 26. After sharing, turn in your final draft, visual aid, and rubric to the teacher.


Resources: Airplane How-to’s:

Easy to Make Paper Airplanes



Paper Airplanes – Quick and Simple



How to Build The Best Paper Airplanes



Joseph Palmer’s Paper Airplanes



Critique Sheet



“How-To” Directions and Rubric