Expectations for Student Behavior

A Caring Community of Learners


Be Safe
Be Caring
Be Respectful
Be Responsible

Following these guidelines will help provide a safe, caring, respectful, and responsible environment:


• Stay quiet

• Show courtesy to your peers, staff and visitors

• Follow staff directions


• Stay seated

• Keep hands on lap

• Face the front

• Talk quietly to students near you

• Submit bus pass to driver


• Talk quietly to the person beside you or across from you

• Walk at all times

• Be respectful to cafeteria staff

• Move through line quickly and quietly

• Have ID number or money ready for purchase

• Return tray to proper location

• Leave area clean

• Sit and keep hands and feet to self

• Leave food and drinks in the cafeteria

• After returning tray, line up quietly with your class


• Be on time

• Have completed work and supplies

• Listen when teachers and peers speak

• Follow directions

• Wait to be recognized by teacher before talking

• Keep hands and feet to self

• Keep area neat and organized

• Take care of school property



• Follow staff directions

• Use gym equipment safely and and return to appropriate place

• Keep hands and feet to self

• Keep self and others safe with appropriate actions

• Play fairly

• No inverted positions

• Follow playground rules


• Keep hallways clean and litter free

• Show courtesy to your peers, staff

  and visitors

• Respect school displays/property

• Follow staff directions

• Speak quietly

Walk (on the right side of the hallway)

• Keep hands and feet to self

Library/Computer Lab

• Enter quietly

• Keep library/lab free of food and drink

• Be attentive and focus on assignments

• Listen to the librarian/computer technician

• Keep volume at appropriate level

• Sit in designated areas

• Use internet for school work only

• Follow RCPS Technology Use Guidelines

• Adhere to Copyright Laws

• Put chairs, materials, and supplies in appropriate places

• Straighten rooms before leaving

Nurse’s Office

• Enter with a pass

• Knock when the nurse’s door is closed

• If nurse is not in, see the secretary and wait in the office

• Be respectful of office/clinic property

• Follow staff directions

After-School Events

• Follow all school rules

• Parent/guardian must accompany children to all evening/night events (Ex. PTA programs)

• Stay in designated areas

• Individuals transporting students from after-school activities should arrive on time

John Wayland Elementary School is partnering with Rockingham County Public Schools to create a school-wide positive behavior and academic support plan.

Students are taught academic and behavioral expectations based on the following:

Pillars of Character


Each grade level team has developed a positive incentive program that supports the school-wide plan. 

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