RCPS Student Digital Locker and E-mail Service

Filtered student e-mail and digital locker service are now available for selected students. Read below for details:



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To RCPS Students:

Welcome to the Rockingham County Public Schools student digital locker and e-mail system! RCPS 8th grade and high school students are being provided with access to Gaggle.net, a national provider of student e-mail system which also allows you to easily transfer files to/from home.

Both digital locker and student e-mail are internet-based services which can be accessed from school or home. High school students--to obtain this service you must apply through your librarian. 8th Grade students--your accounts are provided in your Computer 8 course.

To access your account, login by clicking on the link above. You'll then enter your username and password.

High School Students Usernames and Passwords: You must request access from your school librarian for this service. Your username consists of your first name+last name+last two digits of your PowerSchool student number.  For example, John Doe whose student number is 123456789 has a username of johndoe89. To login, John would enter johndoe89 as his username. The first time you login, use your entire PowerSchool student number as your password. You will have an opportunity to change your password once you sign in.

Middle School Students Usernames and Passwords: Your username consists of your first name+last name+last digit of your PowerSchool number.  For example, Jane Dough whose student number is 987654321 has a username of janedough1. To login, Jane would enter janedough1 as her username. Your password is the same password you use to log into the RCPS computer network.

Much more information about services available through Gaggle are available at their website: https://www.gaggle.net/


  • All use of digital lockers and e-mail is subject to the RCPS Acceptable Use Policy which states, among other things, that "The use of RCPS computer networks, including Internet access, must be in support of education and consistent with the educational objectives of Rockingham County Public Schools and the Virginia Board of Education." Please use this for educational purposes.
  • Your e-mail address will be your username plus the suffix "@rockingham.gaggle.net" For example, John Doe's e-mail address would be johndoe89@rockingham.gaggle.net
  • Your account space, both for digital locker files and e-mail, is limited to 7 GB.
  • E-mail is restricted. For example, students cannot e-mail felix@hotmail.com. High school students can e-mail certain domains such as college domains. Middle school students are limited to the rockingham.gaggle.net domain only. If you send a message to outside domains it will be rejected. Likewise, any e-mail from these domains will not be delivered.
  • E-mail is content filtered. Any message you send with certain objectionable words will be redirected to an RCPS administrator.
  • Keep your account secure.  Don't share your password with anyone else.
  • E-mail and digital lockers should NOT be considered private. RCPS teachers and administrators may open your digital locker and mailbox.
  • For digital locker files, be sure to name your file with the appropriate suffix: .doc or .docx for Microsoft Word documents, .xls or .xlsx for Excel documents, and .ppt or .pptx for PowerPoint documents. This way, both Windows and Macintosh platforms will be able to open the documents.
  • It is a good idea to not use spaces in filenames. For example, name your Mark Twain paper marktwain.doc, not Mark Twain.doc

I would be glad to hear from you as you use this service. Let me know what works well for you and what is unsatisfactory. Send an e-mail to me at: kperkins@rockingham.k12.va.us


Kevin Perkins
Supervisor of Technology
Rockingham County Public Schools